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Soft Tissue Reconstruction

IF WE combine biomaterials, tissue engineering and 3D printing technologies, can we create advanced surgical solutions for breast reconstruction?

Founded in 2017, LATTICE MEDICAL is a French start-up whose goal is to provide patients and healthcare professionals with customized tissue reconstruction solutions thanks to the combination of biomaterials, tissue engineering and 3D printing technologies.


Soft Tissue Reconstruction


Why settle for limited options in breast reconstruction? That's where LATTICE MEDICAL comes in. With MATTISSE, a bio-resorbable chamber for natural and customized breast reconstruction, Lattice Medical is revolutionizing the field. 


Breast cancer is the most generally occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall. In 2020, there were around 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the limits of the current techniques, only 20% of women who have a mastectomy (240’000 each year in developed countries), will benefit from breast reconstruction. LATTICE MEDICAL aims to answer to this need with its first patented technology, MATTISSE. Resulting from 6 years of research, MATTISSE is a bio-resorbable, tissue engineered chamber that allows a natural, customized breast reconstruction.

Alongside MATTISSE’s breakthrough technology, LATTICE MEDICAL wants to propose a digital platform for breast reconstruction. Besides providing a surgical decision support tool to choose the implant of the right size for breast surgery, the digital tool will allow clinicians to generate a custom made MATTISSE prothesis suitable for each patient’s unique anatomy. The platform will also provide surgeons with a 3D rendered preoperative view of the patient before and after breast surgery.


Goal 3: Good Health and Well Being 

LATTICE MEDICAL develops soft tissue reconstruction technologies that aim to promote patient’s health and well-being.

As a company, LATTICE MEDICAL aims to :

Strengthen capacity for early warning, risk reduction, prevention and management of breast cancer health risks ;

Improve treatment of breast cancer through breast reconstruction and treatment of skin damage through hypoderm reconstruction ;

Increase the development and training of healthcare professionals to ameliorate patient care pathways.

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

LATTICE MEDICAL promotes inclusive economic growth, full and productive employment, and a better quality of work for all. LATTICE MEDICAL is engaged to achieve higher levels of economic productivity through technological innovation.

Lattice Medical - SDGs > 3DEXPERIENCE Lab - Dassault Systèmes®


LATTICE MEDICAL believes in digital transformation as a mean to achieve and preserve high quality, communicative and patient-centered healthcare to respond to unmet clinical needs. As we want to propose a digital tool to provide a surgical decision support tool for implant’s choice in breast reconstruction surgery, 3DEXCITE will be a useful instrument for patient 3D rendering.

Moreover, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform supports the whole product development process at LATTICE MEDICAL. On the platform, all of the necessary tools for product 3D modelling and customization (Solidworks and Catia), biomechanical simulation (Simulia) and production scale up (Delmia) are available on one collaborative environment. In addition, thanks to its marketing and communication tools, we can highlight and promote our products.


Besides being an remarkable platform for product development and enhancement, the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is also a key resource to improve our team collaboration and communication. When developing innovative technologies like MATTISSE, sharing ideas and strategies is crucial. As we deal with complex projects that require cross-functional teams, this cooperative environment fits perfectly our needs. the 3DEXPERIENCE platform not only gives access to the specific tools for each professional role in our team, but also allows to create shared work environments that boost project collaboration and help achieve our goals in a simpler and more efficient way.



  • Julien Payen
    Julien Payen
    CEO and Co-Founder
  • Philippe  Marchetti
    Philippe Marchetti
    Co-founder & Biologist
  • Pierre Guerreschi
    Pierre Guerreschi
    Co-founder, Plastic Surgeon
  • Pierre-Marie Danze
    Pierre-Marie Danze
    Co-founder, CSO
  • Jaime Destouesse
    Jaime Destouesse
    R&D Manager
  • Chloé Gigon
    Chloé Gigon
    Industrialization and Methods Manager
  • Shengheng Cao
    Shengheng Cao
    Biomedical Engineer
  • Kevin Trinh
    Kevin Trinh
    PhD candidate
  • Emanuela  Basile
    Emanuela Basile
    Junior Product Manager

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