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Digital Twin

IF WE simulate the effect of drugs, can patients get a personalized medication?

Inaccurate medications kill five times more people than road accidents do in developed countries. In France alone, this costs 10 billion euros to the public health system. Around the globe, consolidated numbers are not easily accessible but it is estimated that inaccurate medications cause at least one million deaths and costs 1000 billion dollars to public health systems every year. 

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"Our Digital Twin simulates the efficacy of medicines in your body based on your personal characteristics"

ExactCure is a pioneering startup offering a software solution to reduce the impact of inaccurate medication. Their vision is to live in a world where each individual has access to a personalized medicine. Their ambition is to become the world leader in personalized bio-modeling of medicines within 5 years.

Its Digital Twin simulates in silico the efficacy and interactions of medicines in the body of a patient based on his/her personal characteristics. This helps the patient to avoid underdoses, overdoses and drug interactions. Health professionals can potentially follow the patient remotely in real time.

ExactCure’s solutions results from years of fundamental research in bio-modeling with Inria, a tier-1 French fundamental research institute. 
ExactCure’s solution is a unique double innovation:
1.    Usage Innovation: the patient is empowered because they can predict and visualize the activity of his/her medication.
2.    Technological Innovation: Artificial Intelligence simulates the influence of personal characteristics such as age, weight, gender, kidney status, etc. on the effectiveness and interactions of drugs for a given patient. Machine Learning algorithms can also continuously adjust bio-models based on the qualitative feedback of patients.


Goal 3: Good Health and well-being

ExactCure ensures healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Their mission is to empower patients by providing them with bio-modeling tools to visualize the effects of drugs within their bodies. 



ExactCures sneeds a strong and robust calculation and data management process in order to deliver the best service to patients and health professionals. Their solution leverages proprietary algorithms powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. In particular, its complex workflows will benefit from the BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot backbone. 


If a patient shares his/her personalized simulations, health professionals will have the possibility to remotely monitor the effect of drugs in his/her body and receive relevant alerts. This way doctors and pharmacists will have a collaborative tool to improve global health.

Besides, we will build a database allowing a more precise understanding of the influence of drugs on one's body based on individual characteristics. As a consequence, drugs prescriptions will collectively become more accurate and iatrogeny will decrease.


Solidly built upon benevolence and trust, our team also believes that creativity can spur from fun!

  • Frederic Dayan
    Frederic Dayan
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Sylvain Benito
    Sylvain Benito
    Co-founder & Chief Scientist Officer
  • Fabien Astic
    Fabien Astic
    Co-founder & Chief Business Officer
  • Julien Welzel
    Julien Welzel
    R&D Director
  • Matthieu Basset
    Matthieu Basset
    Data Scientist & Pharmacist
  • Aurélie Lereclus
    Aurélie Lereclus
    Research Engineer
  • Maika Warita
    Maika Warita
    Data Scientist

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