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Better training for patient care

IF WE practice using 3D simulation on human organs, can we save more life?

Two 3D experiences, ultra realistic on a scientific point of view, were created through collaborative projects with technologic and scientific partners: "Staying Alive" and "Born To Be Alive".
"Staying Alive" is a serious game that allows to learn appropriate behaviors for first aid techniques.
"Born To Be Alive" is an experience to learn how to give birth through unique and realistic 3D simulation.

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Leveraging digital simulations and 3D Experiences for medical training

Many medical equipment companies already use Dassault Systèmes´ 3D solutions to design their products in 3D. Now extended to new usages, 3DEXPERIENCE can be used by new audiences such as doctors and medical students…as well as by the general public.

iLumens, the innovative medical laboratory from Doctissimo that uses simulation technologies for medical training, launched 3D experiences to better teach and train people. Learning by doing in a virtual world also provides a better retention of information. For instance, in the medical sector, living a 3D experience with a virtual patient helps one to understand how to treat a patient more efficiently. Gamification also transforms learning dynamics and promotes team spirit and competition between users. One such company is Philips, whose HeartStart (HS1) defibrillator was specifically conceived for use by non-professionals and is featured in the "Staying Alive" project in a virtual environment. Users can manipulate this defibrillator in various situations, for training, simulation, communication and maintenance.

Two main 3D experiences are already available, created through collaborative projects with Philips, GE, Teleflex, Ferring, CNP Fondation and Société Générale, and with the support of many associations such as British Heart Foundation, Russian Society of cardiology, Magen David Adom …

Staying Alive

Save lives in a unique 3D learning experience, available to anyone online.
On the Staying Alive website, both healthcare professionals and the public are able to learn appropriate behavior, movements and techniques that can contribute to saving the life of a person who has experienced sudden cardiac arrest. The project was first announced during the SFAR convention (French Society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care), which gathered more than 7,500 specialists, doctors and anesthetists, and was supported by CFRC and SFAR scientific committees.

Born To Be Alive

Learn how to give birth through unique and realistic 3D simulation. 
Born To Be Alive answers questions in the form of an immersive and interactive 3D experience. It aims to supplement information and advice provided by health professionals, for those who want to understand and see what could not be seen before. Be ready for your delivery date in the best possible way by playing this realistic experience. The project is backed by strong scientific work with doctors, a group of midwives and the support of the PremUp foundation, leading to new 3D experiences, unique 3D simulations, and pictures from the human body that have never been seen before.

  • Antoine Tesnières
    Antoine Tesnières
    Head of iLUMENS : Pr of Anesthesia & Intensive care AP-HP
  • Alexandre  Mignon
    Alexandre Mignon
    Professor of Anesthesiology & Intensive Care Medecine AP-HP


The collaboration started at Cochin Hospital five years ago, where Dassault Systèmes´ team had difficulties explaining to reception that they were not patients! The first meeting with doctors was difficult: two different worlds and words…but, by chance, these doctors were geeks. iLumens was created during this period of time to leverage simulation technologies for the medical environment and, from the beginning, 3D technologies were at the heart of all discussions. Why couldn´t the technologies that aerospace has been using for 30 years to bring a high level of quality to factories, apply to humans in order to enhance the quality of training and do it right the first time? iLumens is now a simulation platform with many simulators hosted at Doctissimo, where many students are doing real-world training... and in 3D!

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