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Open innovation

Open Innovation in the Age of Experience

IF WE empower collective intelligence and digitalize the ideation process, can we industrialise sustainable innovation?

Innovation has taken place within industries for a long time now, but it now also takes place outside of companies, driven by new stakeholders, and so can call upon much larger groups of people. This gives rise to a new form of innovation—one that sees collaboration with other stakeholders, including startups or even individuals. Digital cloud platform allows new collaborative usages and brings new opportunities. The processes involved must be coordinated according to a fresh methodology, using new tools and with a platform approach that allows digital continuity and the development of inter-organizational networks. This particularly entails the need to manage the idea life cycle, from conception to the industrialization phases, capitalizing on knowledge and the stakeholders involved.

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Co-Innovation is the new age


A Social Community of Innovators

With a cloud platform, new opportunities are offered to companies to manage teams and empower people.

Working throughout communities allows cross-organization management and cut silos.

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We're stronger together. Co-Innovation is the new age. Companies needs to transform the way they innovate, a platform and apps empower new usages, new methodologies needs to be invented, management and governances to be challenged! The key is to support the changes and accompany the people, people is at the heart of co-innovation.

Ideation: Communities allow to co-nurture ideas, each members contributes to make it big.

Managing the idea, governing open innovation: Barriers between organizations are broken down to stimulate cross-organizational networks.

Drawing your idea from the words: In 3D sketch with a pen or even in virtual reality. Your ideas to life to share and better explain.

Making the thing: Prototype in Fablabs to materialize the project.

Telling the story: The 3D is an universal language for all.

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Interview and podcast with Frédéric Vacher: “Leveraging collective intelligence and AI to benefit society”:

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