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Innovation challenges

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab social challenges are
recurring worldwide competitions organized by
Dassault Systèmes to foster innovation and
empower young talents


LogiHack-A-Thon | Virtual Twin of Operations

In collaboration with the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, this is an initiative bringing together academia, researchers, startups & enterprises along with logistics professional across different industry segments. 

Together, the goal is to foster innovation by conceiving fresh concepts using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform powered by Brand Apps.

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Mobility 4.0 Challenge

Shape tomorrow's mobility

On september 6, the competition will be open to start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, research institutes, academics or anyone wishing to become an actor of a new European mobility. 

Join the Software République to shape tomorrow's mobility with the 'Mobility 4.0 Challenge'.

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You are passionate by Leonardo da Vinci, give life to the drawings of Leonardo and showcase your 3D skills. You are designer, engineer, student, participate to this amazing challenge. 5 winners will be selected. More information, JOIN the OPEN CODEX Community.

Open Codex Community

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Drone/UAV have seen an exponential growth in demand in India over the past 5 years.

By this challenge, we offer the opportunity to shape the future of our next generation and inspire young minds,  startups, academia, associations to design in 3D solutions in different domains, such as Agriculture, City and healthcare. 10 days challenge from October 19th to November 25th using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and pitch their solutions in MODSIM.

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SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for FRC Teams

SOLIDWORKS xDesign Challenge for FRC Teams is a competition for all enthusiastic US-based FRC teams to show their creativity in using SOLIDWORKS xDesign, an online 3D CAD software, around a them that has been revealed to them on November 12,2018. The software is provided to all eligible FRC team members who are participating in the challenge. The team needs to have at least 5 student team members, 14 years or older. The end of the challenge to submit the project is December 7, 2018.


Solidworks xDesign Challenge

3D Fintech challenge 2016

The 3DFinTech Challenge, a 7 week FinTech accelerator program, nurtures and accelerates 6 high performance, start-ups that can potentially transform Financial Services industry. The program, addressing regulatory burden through collaboration, data visualization, improving a 360 view of the customer and simulation, provides immersive mentoring from leading financial institutions and industry domain experts

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The 3D Fintech Challenge is a 7 week, immersive accelerator program designed to empower and accelerate technology innovation within Financial Services. In 2015 it focused on addressing the regulatory impact across the industry. It was held from 16th September to 4th November 2015 at Level39, Europe’s largest accelerator hub for high performance start-ups in the financial services community, located in Canary Wharf.

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  • LIFE


    Jeremy Sosabowski
    United Kingdom

    “The 3D FinTech Challenge provided the focus, mentoring and introductions to accelerate a greater commercial deployment. Dassault Systèmes, Deutsche Börse Group, our mentor and domain experts, helped hone and reinforce the strength of our solutions to overcome the hurdles associated with regulatory compliance and systemic and non-systemic risk.”

  • 2015

    Cup of IOT Challenge

    Cup of IoT is a MADEin3D competition organized by Dassault Systèmes to challenge designers and engineers. The goal is to imagine an original and innovative connected object. Create a team of 3 persons combining design, engineering, and software talents.
    Design the object in 3D, and make a prototype using 3D printing. You can also use an open source hardware such as Arduino, WeIO, RaspberryPi, or any similar electronic platform or on proprietary circuit board.

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  • LIFE


    Naaman Boutighane

    « Fingy » is a wearable that extends the hand with services in order to draw, 3D scan objects, or control devices and graphic interfaces.

  • 2014


    The LIGHTin3D design contest asks participants to design an original 3D model of a lamp or lighting system, one which has the particularity of casting interesting light-and-shadow effects on its surroundings. People had to keep in mind that their project should be 3D-printed.

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    A Lamp Design

    Oskar Gerspach
  • 2013


    In partnership with Le Clos Lucé, Scala Archives HP and AMD, we chose to launch a Da Vinci-themed competition. Participants are invited to choose one codex among those provided in the community by Scala Archives (who nicely accepted to give access to some rarer codex pages). You will then model in 3D the machine corresponding to their codex, using any CAD tool you have access to (for example SolidWorks, CATIA, 3DVIA Shape, etc...). Depending on the clarity of the codex and the complexity of the machine, some interpretation will sometimes have to be done.

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  • Da Vinci Project  > 3DEXPERIENCE Lab - Dassault Systèmes®

    Nubevelo : the Vinci wingsuit

    Thibault Waltzer

    Thibault designed the Vinci wingsuit, by combining the Helix system with the flying machine.
    "So, I create a mechanical "flying pack" that allow to deploy the wings instantaneously."
    Thibault wins the HP Z Book and his model will be staged and displayed at the Clos Lucé Castle in France

  • 2012


    The MOVEin3D contest consists in creating a 3D model with at least 2 parts. The goal is to highlight the different possibilities of 3D printing. You will need to submit an original 3D creation that has the particularity to be composed of several mechanically independent but not separable parts  (no upper limit for parts number, but at least 2 of course). The second constraint that must be taken into account would be to imagine your creation so that the final object is 3D-printable

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    Angle Mesuring Device

    Sudhir Gill

    The winner of this competition, Sudhir Gill, created a device to measure angles .It consists of four parts, and was designed with Solidworks. It is very useful in measuring angles between two surfaces. "It is my original creation and it's still a concept to me since it's not yet made. It's not inspired from any device or someone else work. Since this consists of internally mated parts therefore 3d printing is the only suitable method for manufacturing it."

  • 2011

    Disrupt Dixon's design in 3D

    Tom Dixon and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to create the first open design competition based on a modular concept.Tom Dixon will give participants access to the design files of new products, and challenge them to re-configure and remix into different functional objects.
    The concept is also relying on the fact that the various parts and "joints", may be 3D printed to give life to the final creation.

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    Floor Lamp and Chandelier

    Oleksandra Tereshchenko

    Oleksandra won the contest with her designs of a floor lamp and a chandelier. "The joins create a system. The lamp and the chandelier share the same constructive elements, and they require light bulbs at the end of all "brunches".

  • 1st March 2011

    1st Cup of IOT Challenge