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Personalized healthcare


Have you been in a situation where a generic treatment did not work very well for you or someone you know? Have you ever had that nagging feeling that maybe the doctor (as good as he or she may be) should really be treating YOU rather than a generalized representation of you?

IF WE can personalize medical treatment, we will significantly improve medical outcomes and patient satisfaction and transform healthcare as we know it.

Use of realistic simulation to determine the treatment


Digital Orthopaedics is a startup that transforms the planning and execution of orthopedic surgeries and treatment with the ultimate goal of Personalizing Orthopedic Treatment through the innovative use of ideation, modeling and simulation. This journey accelerates the progress of various Precision Medicine Initiatives worldwide by demonstrating what can be done when good engineering and medical teams work closely together.

So instead of relying on the geometry-based, mass or generic approach, the breakthrough idea is to create personalized foot models for each patient starting from imaging and then determine via the use of realistic simulation the best possible treatment for that individual.

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Digital Orthopaedics’ Clinical Decision Support System value proposition is articulated around three technological platforms:

  • Knowledge base and diagnostic support platform for foot and ankle pathologies. It will allow physicians, healthcare professionals and patients to collect clinical signs, understand the pathology and choose treatments based on the knowledge from the best experts.
  • A personalized surgical simulation platform to assist primarily the orthopaedic surgeons to develop surgical plan with a clear Root-cause analysis of the disease. The platform includes tools for patient image analysis and segmentation.
  • A machine learning and clinical cases platform that will enrich the company knowledge and will allow improving the outcomes of the diagnostic support and personalized surgical simulation platforms.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE platform on cloud is a key enabler to the success of Digital Orthopedics, offering:

  • The framework necessary to capture and automate the “Medical Image to 3D virtual models to Realistic Simulation” workflow.
  • The potential to connect to hospital imaging systems enables the solution proposed as a clinical decision making service to orthopedic surgeons worldwide.
  • The 3D modeling and realistic simulation solutions allowing the development, testing, and deployment of the clinical service much more efficiently.



Digital Orthopaedics has put together a strong ecosystem

Convinced of the value of modeling and simulation in clinical practice the founding team of Digital Orthopaedics, Eric Halioua, Dr Thibaut Leemriise and Dr Bruno Ferré drives the adoption of these methods with their team of experts to make efficient progress. The use of simulation as part of a clinical decision making solution is very new and will require convincing the medical community of its value. The strong ecosystem that Digital Orthopaedics has put together will help address this opportunity.

Meet the team

Digital Orthopaedics combines engineering and 3D simulation capabilities with in-depth medical expertise provided by Dr. Bruno Ferré and Dr. Thibaut Leemrijse.

  • Eric Halioua
    Eric Halioua
    Chief Executive Officer, MBA, M. Sc
  • Bruno Ferré
    Bruno Ferré
    Medical Advisor, MD
  • Thibaut Leemrijse
    Thibaut Leemrijse
    Medical Advisor, MD

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