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The sailing open to all

IF WE make sailing more accessible, can we create a more inclusive world?

Persons with disabilities have physical difficulties to practice a sport. That’s a fact. But at Splashelec, we began to wonder if technology could change that. So we decide to use mecatronics to build a control system which will allow disabled people to easily pilot a sailboat. After some R&D, we came back with a joystick servo system which take control of the rudder and the sails. Using our system, steering a boat has never been so simple, it’s like driving an electric wheelchair, but on water this time.


Feeling the joy of being the captain of the boat


At Splashelec, we believe that technology can help people go sailing together regardless of their age, strength or disability. Having this in mind, we used electronic and mechanical components to design a system which aim is to replace the movement of a failing arm or body to pilot a sailboat. We plan to use technology to build a new kind of boat : more inclusive, with more safety and build with more ecological materials. Our future developments will include the use of data to navigate safely according to the weather, the day, the tide and the depth of the sea. We also want to develop autonomous sailing capabilities for the boat to go back to the closest harbor when needed.

bateau splaheelec


Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities

Splashelec reduces inequality within and among countries. Our mission is to provide innovative sailing solution to offer the best of sailing. Feeling the joy of being the captain of the boat, feeling the wind and this sensation of sliding through the water.

Goal 10


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows to SplashElec to create news solutions:

  • Designing and simuling to assembly 3D printed pieces
  • Optimizing the design and secure any critical user scenario
  • Collecting datas with captors and remote control
  • Contributing to develop Sail Social Experience for all by sharing all paramters of its boat trips.



Steering a sailboat is the first step of our project. For the next steps, we want to design a new sailboat design with accessibility in mind. For that we are going to sketch different shapes of boat and we are going to work closely with disabled people to validate our idea. We will also ask the sailors community to help us and to gather different data about the tides the depth of the ocean on the different coasts in order to use these data to prevent the boat and the persons on board from going where they shouldn’t. Our electronic control system will at this moment be able to take control of the boat to avoid dangerous paths on water. We will also work closely with all the ship building suppliers in order to integrate more ecological technologies and material for our future vessel.



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