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An open global and online community

IF WE empower collective intelligence, can we design & engineer solutions to act fast against the covid19 virus?

Designers, engineers and manufacturers can play a critical role in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, there are many initiatives around the globe, but there is little coordination among teams. Dassault Systèmes proposes leveraging collective intelligence to source, qualify, design, engineer and manufacture rapid solutions during the pandemic.


Empowering collective intelligence to fight COVID-19

Engineers, designers, makers and manufacturers around the world can work together and share in this Open COVID-19 Community:

Open global and online community: in a common community composed of engineers, designers, manufacturers, scientists, makers and fabbers, design projects can be shared as 3D models. Engineering will be qualified by the community including industry experts, health care professionals and scientists. The Open COVID-19 Community opened last week and already includes members from the USA, UK, India, France and the Netherlands. 


Frugal innovation: reducing product complexity and costs facilitates solutions, such as 3D printing of spare parts and super-fast design for manufacturing of masks or ventilators. 


Open Design: Dassault Systèmes sponsors open challenges worldwide and supports designers and engineers by providing the SOLIDWORKS xDesign online environment to help them rapidly develop solutions to COVID-19. Experts from SIMULIA collaborate with scientists to carry out simulations on targeted projects such as open ventilators to validate their efficiency. The first open challenges supported include the OpenSourceVentilator and Montreal Code Life Challenges.


Services available:
•    Blog posting, commenting and sharing
•    Idea funneling to qualify the projects
•    Wiki and Q&A community services
•    3D model storage, viewing and sharing
•    Millions of standard components and parts
•    Access to manufacturing resources
•    Geo mapping of all Fab labs, MarketPlace resources and hospitals to connect people locally
•    Product communities for support in particular for CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, xDesign
•    Search and tagging

Data intelligence: The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab monitors COVID-19 round the clock through a comprehensive dashboard by crawling massive internet information and curated libraries and sources, to extract relevant news, identify and source projects. 

World wide map of hospitals, fablabs and factories: 

Click here to open an enlarged map

The objective is to consolidate a worldwide list of projects and connect them to people looking for solutions, a single repository to find good design and fabricate with the manufacturing marketplace or in local fab labs from MIT Fab Foundation network.

Connect with your peers, industry experts and engineers, as well as designers, makers and students. Share knowledge and skills for fast design and fabrication.  

Working together, we can create better solutions for COVID-19.

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