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VORTHEx, improve patient and physician radiotherapy experience with Virtual Reality

If we first simulate radiation therapy in the virtual world, CAN WE reduce patients’ stress and improve the quality of the treatment?

In France, the number of new cancer cases per year is now around 400,000 (and about 18M worldwide). The therapeutic options to treat them include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. About 60% of patients will need radiotherapy. Like other treatment techniques, radiotherapy has made considerable progress. Modern equipment allows high doses to be delivered with millimetre precision in order to be more effective on tumors and preserve organs at risk.

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A radiotherapy treatment room with a robot is an impressive and often stressful place for a patient weakened by the disease and who is going to undergo an episode of treatment – especially if it’s their first. So education for patients is particularly important. There is always a gap between the explanations given by the center's professionals and the reality experienced by a patient lying on a treatment table, alone in the room, with a machine rotating or moving around him or her.

The innovation we offer is to allow patients, initially for those treated with one of the new Cyberknife robots from Accuray installed at the center, to live the treatment experience and to better understand it through a virtual experience. This virtual experience reconstructs in 3D all the technical and protocol components of the treatment: the room, the Cyberknife robot arm, the patient's position, the modalities and the steps of the sessions. This virtual experience is accompanied by a member of the care team. This person will make the patient live the experience and will answer all the questions related to the situation.

The effects of the VR educational experience will be evaluated within the framework of a study protocol established jointly by the Hartmann Institute of Radiotherapy and Dassault Systèmes.

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The technologies of the VORTHEx project accompany the patient in their illness. A patient who understands their treatment has a better chance of overcoming the disease. By familiarizing the patient with the place and tools of their treatment, we aim to improve their comfort, reduce their apprehension and deepen his understanding of the treatment.



The Hartmann Radiotherapy Institute sought the expertise of Dassault Systèmes to develop innovative treatment preparation tools using virtual simulation technologies.

3DEXPERIENCE Lab was able to quickly translate our medical processes into immersive 3D scenarios within the framework of a fluid cooperation. 3DEXPERIENCE Lab's technological expertise in virtual reality equipment and immersive uses was put to use in a care project focused on the patient's well-being. The 3DEXCITE solutions allow the creation of immersive experiences directly on the engineering data, creating the scenario and the behaviors based on the protocol defined in the real world. Thus the digital continuity ensures the accuracy of the digital twin not only of the robot but of the treatment space. Clinical tests measuring the effects and performance of this simulation in the patient's pathway will be performed on the Medidata clinical trial platform.


Accompanying the patient in his disease plays a crucial role in his fight against the disease. Understanding, apprehending, accepting and finally rebuilding each other play important roles in treatment.  That is why the Hartmann Institute is fighting alongside the Rafael Institute to provide the best possible support to their patients. When the former helps to understand and accept the treatment, the latter helps the patient to rebuild gradually and accompanies him or her in the return to “normal” life. Patients need to consider medicine with a global approach.

The implementation of VORTHEx is the result of a strong commitment from part of the Hartmann Radiotherapy Institute's teams

  • Céline REYAL
    Céline REYAL
  • Ilan DARMON
    Ilan DARMON
    Radiotherapist Oncologist
  • Sabrina COSTA
    Sabrina COSTA
    Senior Manager of Radiosurgery
  • Gauthier BOUILHOL
    Gauthier BOUILHOL
    Radio physicist
  • Pascale PONS
    Pascale PONS
    Quality Assurance Manager
  • Alain  TOLEDANO
    Alain TOLEDANO
    Président Institut Rafaël

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