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Aims to make sports more accessible to all lower limb amputees

IF WE design a multipurpose prosthesis using carbon waste from the industry, can we enable more amputee people to practice sport again ?

There are different types of prostheses associated with different activities. They can be classified into two main categories: walking prosthetic feet and running blades. Walking feet are used for walking and can offer different levels of dynamism but do not enable running. These walking feet are currently reimbursed by social security in France. In contrast, running blades developed for running are not reimbursed in France.

The racing blades are not refunded and cost more than 4000 €. Great athletes can get them through clubs, sponsors but casual athletes or beginners are forgotten. Also, the current products are specific to several activities and for example current blades are specific to running and more specifically to track racing. Finally, the current products are developed for high performance and can be difficult to use for a novice


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The racing blade accessible to all


The idea is to offer a range of products available at lower prices thanks to the upcycling of carbon waste from the aeronautical industry. These products will be developed to enlarge the public of amputees practicing a sport activity. Their design considers the comfort as well as the will to make the blade more versatile in the activities that can be performed.


A first racing blade has a well-advanced prototyping and allows today to adapt to different terrains thanks to a simple and fast sole change system. Our ambition is to develop different sports blades to meet the identified needs. But our main goal for 2024 is to provide an adjustable blade allowing a variety of sport activities never seen before. With a single blade, to be able to practice activities with different mechanical needs from hiking to sprinting thanks to simplified adjustments of height, stiffness and sole. These adjustments can also help children as they grow and gain weight without having to change blades every year.