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A revolution in corneal replacement therapy

If we leverage biomimetics, can we initiate a new era of medical devices?

Diseases affecting the cornea are a major cause of blindness worldwide. Approximately 2 million new cases of corneal blindness are reported each year. Over 30 million people are legally blind in one or both eyes from corneal injury and disease, while many more suffer from degraded visual acuity. A recent study assessed the shortage of corneas at one available for every 70 needed. Existing solutions rely on donor tissue, which can carry disease and have long healing time, while success rates and visual acuity vary between patients.


A revolution in corneal replacement therapy


CorNeat Vision is a clinical-stage, biomimetic implants and technology company. Our patented, non-degradable, synthetic, platform material, CorNeat EverMatrix™, is set to displace harvested and processed human and animal tissues, and degradable Extra Cellular Matrices (the protein skeleton of the tissue) used in a variety of surgical procedures across diversified fields of medicine.

The CorNeat EverMatrix™ seamlessly and permanently embeds with live tissue without triggering an inflammatory response. Its durability and flexibility, coupled with its bio-integration capabilities, mark a new era of implants that can:

  • Bio-mechanically integrate with surrounding tissue
  • Permanently reinforce soft tissue and accelerate its healing
  • Act as a membrane for guided soft tissue and bone regeneration
  • Conceal irritating implants
  • Enable sensors to continuously remain in contact with surrounding tissue


Patented image

The features and benefits of the CorNeat EverMatrix™ were proven histologically and clinically in various pre-clinical and clinical trials, including in humans. Findings demonstrate full fibroblast colonization and abundant collagen deposition with no encapsulation, rendering the CorNeat EverMatrix™ an integral part of the surrounding tissue.

The CorNeat KPro, our flagship product, is a novel, self-integrating artificial cornea solution that enables corneally blind patients to regain their full vision potential without relying on donor tissue. The implant leverages a synthetic biomimetic skirt (created from the CorNeat EverMatrix™) and a relatively simple surgical procedure, integrating artificial optics permanently and bio-mechanically within resident ocular tissue. Once available, this will offer global markets a scalable artificial solution for corneal blindness, while eliminating the dependency on donor tissue.




SDG 3  et 10 > Dassault Systèmes

3 – Good Health and Well-Being: Our mission is to promote health and equality worldwide through innovative biomimetic medical solutions that are widely accessible. Our goal is to innovate and grow, as well as leverage the power of partnerships to introduce these solutions that aim to permanently resolve medical and surgical challenges in diversified therapeutic fields.

10 – Reduced Inequalities: We believe that everyone has the right to medical care. Therefore, we leverage our business development, distribution power, clinical operations and training activities to introduce and offer our solutions in developing and impoverished countries, as well.


The 3DEXPERIENCE partnership is a great opportunity for us. While they are already using SolidWorks for product and manufacturing design, they can certainly enjoy some help and access to additional tools as their challenge is now to scale their operation and establish a manufacturing facility. This is in parallel to conducting multiple international clinical trials that needs to be managed. The program’s mentoring support can close some skill gaps they have and enable us to prepare the company toward the launch of its products.


Out-of-the-box thinking is their way of life. They believe in revolutionary thinking across their operations and do not adopt existing practices, systems, processes, and solutions without truly challenging them. CorNeat Vision believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and encourage diversified thinking.


CorNeat Vision was founded by Dr. Gilad Litvin and Almog Aley-Raz over five years ago. Gilad and Almog are longtime friends and mountain bike riding partners. Gilad is a serial inventor and gifted ophthalmologist who now spends 80% of his time with the company.

As of today, the company’s growing team consists of 15 employees with a multidisciplinary background and extensive experience in the medical device field. The management team consists of five members. Each member has a specific job and responsibility in which they bring a different level of experience and skills to the table. 

  • Almog  Aley-Raz
    Almog Aley-Raz
    CEO and VP R&D
  • Gilad  Litvin
    Gilad Litvin
    Co-Founder, Chairman
  • Gerry  Tal
    Gerry Tal
    VP Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs
  • Gil  Lotan
    Gil Lotan
    VP Business Development
  • Sapir  Buchris
    Sapir Buchris
    VP Operations & Corporate Development

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