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Biomotum is unlocking human potential by delivering the power of movement to those with impaired mobility.

IF WE build assistive devices, can we improve the health of nearly 1billion people?


Unlocking human potential by delivering the power of movement to those with impaired mobility


Over 1 billion individuals worldwide have difficulty walking, resulting in poor health and quality of life. Physical therapy  and assistive devices are used to improve walking, but a lack of access and ineffective devices can lead to up to 75% of individuals not achieving their mobility goals. By developing smart assistive devices that can be used anytime and anywhere, Biomotum aims to deliver life-changing improvements.


Biomotum is building intelligent assistive devices to help more than billion people worldwide who suffer from impaired mobility. Their connected, wearable products provide a way to deliver mobility assistance and treatment anytime, anywhere. The Biomotum SPARK is a lightweight, battery-powered ankle exoskeleton designed to deliver joint assistance or resistance during typical walking activities. The SPARK provides real-time user feedback, monitoring and activity tracking. The device also gives physical therapists a way to deliver effective, precisely controlled therapy and feedback anytime. 

Nearly 100 individuals have taken over 1 million steps using the SPARK and have reported improved mobility capabilities, especially when compared to progress made with existing approaches. The device can be used to simultaneously increase walking speed and decrease the energy required to walk,  giving individuals the mobility required to maintain independence. 

Biomotum is able to deliver these results by using an innovative control algorithm that adapts to the changing needs of the individual, combined with a light, easy to use mechanical design ). 


Biomotum’s products have a direct and measurable impact on the health and well-being of individuals who experience impaired mobility. Improved walking speed and reduced energy needed to walk can translate to better overall health and productivity. Given that the overall lifetime cost of a chronic condition like cerebral palsy, which significantly reduces an individual’s mobility, can be over $1 million , the impact is significant. 

Their  products can reduce the burden placed on care-givers who treat mobility-impaired individuals. Their products also enable rehabilitation professionals to deliver effective and efficient care both in clinics and at patients’ homes, encouraging well-being and improved quality of life from every angle. 


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows Biomotum to rapidly design, develop and test their products, while also having access to experts to guide their product development. The company uses the design and project planning tools extensively to meet their milestones. This would not be possible without the support of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab. They also plan to take advantage of the robust 3DEXPERIENCE Swym tools to keep abreast of their industry and competitive landscape.


Biomotum plans to use the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to improve their team’s internal collaboration and communication and therefore enhance their product development process. Ensuring both hardware and software development are integrated will be critical for their work. 

  • Zach Lerner
    Zach Lerner
    Co-Founder & Chief Science Officer
  • Ray Browning
    Ray Browning
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Aaron Weast
    Aaron Weast
    VP Engineering
  • Jacob Giusti
    Jacob Giusti
    Product Engineer

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