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A Leading Tissue Engineering Company Developing Reconstructed Human Tissue Models.

IF WE Develop Human Tissues, can we reduce the drug failure rate and ensure human relevant testing for drugs and cosmetics?


A Leading Tissue Engineering Company Developing Reconstructed Human Tissue Models.


Why there is unmet needs in pharma research, product testing, and clinical:

Drug safety: 95% of drugs that fail in clinical studies have shown promising effects in animal studies, due to non-human relevancy.

Testing of cosmetics and chemicals: Companies are mandated to test their ingredients on non-animal alternatives like human tissue models, due to the ban on animal testing for cosmetics, chemicals, and agrochemicals.

Regenerative medicine: Technology needs to be developed for regeneration or transplantation.


BioDimension is solving the unmet needs in pharma research, product testing, and clinical needs with its advanced testing using human tissue/organ models.

Drug Safety: Because of that non-human relevancy, the side-effects and toxicity of the drugs are not understood beforehand to the human trials. To solve those problems FDA, CDSCO regulated the use of human-relevant testing methods like testing on lab-made human tissue/organ models for better data to ensure the drug safety.

Testing of cosmetics and chemicals: Testing on non-animal alternatives like human tissue models to get cruelty-free certificates and provide market access to 41+ countries.

Organ shortage: This is the base technology for making organs in lab for transplantation.

Aligning with the global demand, BioDimension has developed, and is offering, improvised ‘Human Tissue Models’ to provide better human-relevant data, which is simple, ethical, economical and affordable to test the cosmetics/chemicals/drugs for allergy, safety and toxicity. 

BioDimension is at the forefront of the field of tissue engineering, leveraging advanced techniques like biofabrication technology to develop its human tissues and organs. These biofabricated human tissues are functional replicas of natural tissues and resembles the native architecture of human tissues. 

BioDimension’s human tissues offering a highly efficient and effective platform to screen, study, and evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, chemicals, and cosmetics.


BioDimension's rationale is to transform pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and regenerative medicine through its innovative approach. By offering laboratory-grown human tissue models, the company addresses ethical concerns and provides a reliable alternative to animal testing. Leveraging their expertise in tissue engineering, BioDimension aims to improve drug and product testing accuracy, resulting in safer and more effective pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. 

Additionally, they recognize the potential of lab-made human tissues in regenerative medicine, contributing to advancements in organ transplantation, tissue repair, and personalized therapies. With a focus on ethical, human-relevant solutions, BioDimension seeks to positively impact healthcare and enhance the well-being of patients worldwide.



BioDimension aims to provide better human relevant data to cosmetic and pharma companies to ensure their products safety and efficacy, in that way the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is far good tool to validate our process and product with the existing clinical data. BioDimension found lot of synergies with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform in creation of validated library of data both in-silico & in-vitro, which would eventually reduce the reliability of animal experimentation for testing cosmetics, drugs, and chemicals.


Together with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, we are visioning the animal free research and testing with better human relevancy. The collective intelligence with the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform enables vast option to screen the drugs in discovery stage for various disease indications. We are aiming to develop more virtual models for specific test endpoints. One point initiative to reduce animal testing and promoting human relevant testing.

  • Manojkumar S
    Manojkumar S
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Pradeep Arunachalam
    Pradeep Arunachalam
    Co-Founder & Chied Operation Officer
  • Ranjith Kumar Velusamy
    Ranjith Kumar Velusamy
    Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

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