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A personal, portable, air purifier that does not require a seal

IF WE could allow people to live & work without fear of the air they breathe?

The Aō Air team believes that clean air is a basic human right and aspires to be a part of the bigger solution to air pollution, a global problem that kills more than 7m people annually – more than cigarette smoking. When they started to work on the Atmōs mask – a personal, portable air purifier that does not require a seal – they quickly understood that their mask could be a platform for more than just a better form of respiratory protection. They believed that the Atmōs could play a part in protecting not only this generation, but future generations to come.


A personal, portable, air purifier that does not require a seal


The Atmōs is a revolutionary mask that does not require a seal. The PostivAir™ systems provide clean, cool air for every breath.

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When it comes to keeping people safe from air pollution, the most important factor is protection. This is where the Atmōs is at its best – and most masks on the market simply don’t hold up. Aō Air compared traditional masks (antipollution masks, n95, sports filtration masks, double barreled respirators, anti-allergy masks etc) against their Atmōs and found their mask provided unparalleled protection – up to 25x better than an N95 and 50x better than a sports masks.  And the performance improvements were not limited to particulate protection, but also a more human experience with the PostivAir™ systems providing clean, cool air for every breath.




The world has become aware of their original ambition - to provide the world with a better form of respiratory protection.  Those on the frontline deserve it.  

For them, that has meant they are now working on bring their antipollution protection to the healthcare world, directly addressing the current threat

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Delivery: As the Aō Air team works toward its initial goal of the Atmōs, they’re using Solidworks as their key design tool.  As they scale, ENOVIA will become critical to their global roll out strategy.

Design Collaborations: Aō Air's unique design and patent platform enables unique opportunities to collaborate. And they’re building a global community of eager collaborators with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform at the heart.

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Exiting Air Modelling: As part of their clinical translation studies Aō Air will seek to build upon the work that 3DS is already doing in terms of modelling air-exiting masks.

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Air flow modelling: Their design is highly focused on airflow modelling of the filter, the fans and the airflow within the system. 

Finite elements analysis: Finally, their designs have a unique innovation, which relies upon accurate FEA analysis.




The spirit and ingenuity with which they set out on this journey were home-grown in New Zealand. Their sensibilities, on the other hand, were shaped by their experiences living in the hippest urban centers of the world. They styled Ao Air’s Facewear (formerly known as O2O2) in New York and Portland to reflect their new world view.

From the beginning, it was important to them to make their facewear for a variety of users. And they have overcome considerable challenges with their base design to make this possible. Whether you’re a street artist in Beijing, a cyclist in London or an industrial worker in São Paulo, Ao Air’s Facewear will offer a style that speaks to you.

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