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Sylphaero is developing world first electric plasma-based jet engines to decarbonize aviation.

If we design electric plasma-based jet engines, can we enable clean and fast aviation? 


Sylphaero electrifies jet engines.


The aviation industry is a significant contributor to carbon emissions, accounting for approximately 2% of global emissions. The main challenge is to reduce emissions while still meeting growing demand for air travel, which requires the development and implementation of new technologies, alternative fuels, and improved operational practices. Additionally, there is a need for international cooperation to establish a standardized carbon offset system and to incentivize airlines to reduce emissions.



Their jet engine design is a world first. Instead of burning fuel to heat the air inside of the engine, the air is heated at temperatures above 2000°C with electricity, by generating a plasma.

This new type of electric plasma-based jet engine allows electric aircraft to reach high subsonic speeds, and even supersonic or hypersonic speeds which was previously impossible. The current world speed record for an electric plane is 623 km/h. With the help of Sylphaero’s technology, the limit is over 10,000 km/h.

Because the storage capacity of batteries is quite limited today, Sylphaero wants their electric plasma-based jet engines to reach an overall performance at least as high as today's electromagnetic propulsion standards.

Sylphaero is targeting the business aviation market, and Defense applications.

Their engines do not release CO2 in the atmosphere in flight. In fact, they remove ~99.75% of the pollutants compared to a fuel combustion. They only create very small amounts of nitrogen oxides (NOx), because Nitrogen & Oxygen are both naturally present in the atmosphere and react together at high temperatures. The same reaction is happening in today’s fuel-based jet engines as it is due to the heat.

Sylphaero is a contraction of "Sylphe" and "aero" that comes from the term "Sylphe Rouge" (or "red sprite" in English).

It is a form of lightning that occurs at high altitudes and is challenging to observe due to its duration of a few milliseconds.



Sylphaero - SDG > 3DEXPERIENCE Lab - Dassault Systèmes®

Aviation is paramount to the world economy and facilitating connections among people. Today more than ever, it plays a vital role in opening up new possibilities for individuals to work, live, and learn across the globe. If even more people, communities, and businesses are to enjoy these benefits, the aviation sector has to expand in a sustainable manner and contribute towards achieving a net-zero future.

Sylphaero participates in the decarbonization of aviation, providing safe, resilient, and sustainable technology, paving the way for a net-zero future in aviation.

On a European level, about 80% of the business aviation flight covers distances lesser than 1500km. This is a market that can already be decarbonized, with existing electricity storage technologies!



Sylphaero softwares 3DEXPERIENCE Platform > 3DEXPERIENCE Lab - Dassault Systèmes®

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a collaborative platform necessary to efficiently work with Sylphaero’s resources & network (external contractors, suppliers, clients, etc.), especially for complex projects.

For turbomachinery design and 3D modeling, Sylphaero uses CATIA on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SIMULIA Multiphysics simulation software for structural and fluid dynamics validation as well as electromagnetic tests. It allows them to design and optimize prototypes and products containing complex assemblies. 



Behind SYLPHAERO is a team of engineers and scientists, also supported in its our development by a whole ecosystem of partners. Of course, Dassault Systèmes but also, BLAST, the Sustainable Aerolab, the French Aerospace Lab ONERA, Airbus Développement, Bordeaux Technowest, French Tech Bordeaux, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine and so on.

  • Damien ENGEMANN
    Damien ENGEMANN
    CEO & founder
  • Tom Bernat
    Tom Bernat
    COO & Co-founder
    Electrical Engineer
  • Celdrick Cottaz
    Celdrick Cottaz
    Business Developer

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