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True Zero Emissions for Transport

IF WE bring hybrid-electric hydrogen-fuelled aircraft to the skies with 4 times the power density of propulsion, can we provide guilt-free flight for large aircraft?​

This project will develop a fail-safe and modular superconducting motor (SCM) for zero emission propulsion. Superconductors can carry more than 200 times the current of copper and therefore SCMs have very high power densities and efficiencies, leading to light-weight propulsion systems with high efficiencies.


True Zero Emissions for Transport


The aviation industry has shown resilience in the face of the Covid crisis. Revenues Passenger Kilometres (RPKs) are projected to double by 2050. However, if we don't achieve #TrueZero emissions reductions (both #co2 & #nonco2), we'll be faced with a choice: reduce flights or accelerate tech advancements. Hydrogen hybrid electric technology is a promising solution. For single-aisle planes, superconducting motors like those from Hyflux are essential.


Existing superconducting motors suffer from low reliability and difficulties in designing and manufacturing. This project aims to establish an innovative technology to develop fail-safe superconducting motors, based on modular design and manufacturing. The fail-safe design ensures the availability to a reduced torque while there is failure in superconductors or the cooling system. And the modular design enable the simplification of design and manufacturing processes for superconducting motors, which can lead to significant cost reduction for Hyflux.

The University of Strathclyde has expertise in the application of super-conducting motors in the Cryogenic Test Labs, and will partner in this project to exploit knowhow and apply this to these challenges in Aerospace, and other adjacent sectors.

Hyflux tackles zero emission aviation and heavy duty vehicle markets, powered by liquid hydrogen, for the proposed super-conducting motor technology. Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and HVS will be the project advisors. Other applications in Marine, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Trains are also considered as spill over markets.


Hyflux is looking with 'Responsible Consumption Production' and 'Climate Action' SDGs in mind to deliver future solutions for Transport leveraging Liquid Hydrogen to power True Zero Emissions Solutions.

Hylfux ensures Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, and Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. They offer a scalable Modular motor which is going to demand less renewable Green Hydrogen, and supporting the reduction of 66% of the emissions for 2050 that Aviation will be needing to remove to achieve Net Zero. We hope that Hyflux supports the future of True Zero Emissions Aviation.

sdgs Fluxart > 3DEXPERIENCE Lab - Dassault Systèmes®


Hyflux is building a High Temperature Superconducting leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE PLATFORM with SolidWorks and OPERA, and configuration control with a Bill of Materials with Enovia to ensure rigour of the aerospace quality.


Hyflux is working with the support of the UK Innovate Research and Innovation Grant for Zero Emissions Propulsion for Mobility, who are investing with us and University of Strathclyde to build a 100kW demonstrator motor with Full Superconducting and Failsafe features for Aviation.

  • Paul Perera
    Paul Perera
    CEO, Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Rob Bray
    Rob Bray
    Engineering Director
  • Noora  Alfaez
    Noora Alfaez
    Technology Finance and Administration

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