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Pipeline in the Sky

If we can create a Pipeline in the Sky™ for transporting hydrogen from where it’s produced to where it’s most needed and transport freight 100% carbon-free for less than the cost of today’s air freight, can we ensure that we achieve CO2-reduction targets by 2050?

Clean hydrogen is an essential component to reducing greenhouse gases. Hydrogen exports are forecasted to reach 150 million tonnes, equivalent to one-third of global seaborn energy trade in a net-zero 2050 world. (Wood Mackenzie).

The critical challenge for achieving these levels of growth is economically transporting hydrogen to market. Trucks are not practical.  Ships and pipelines are enormously costly, inflexible, have long lead times, and won’t provide the purity levels needed for fuel cell vehicle use.  Our main challenge is creating acceptance of modern airship technology as being the solution


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Radically innovating & Re-thinking lighter-than-air flight


H2 Clipper airships are the ideal hydrogen infrastructure solution. H2 Clipper foresaw in 2008 the need for conceiving a better way to transport hydrogen; and used the time since then to engineer and secure patents on a solution to address today’s challenges.

H2 Clipper provides the fastest, most flexible, and efficiently scalable way to get hydrogen to market worldwide.  It is the result of radically innovating and re-thinking lighter-than-air flight for global fuel and cargo transport.  The result is an airship with unprecedented speed, payload, and cost advantages: 30-50% lower cost while carrying 4X more volume than the largest of today’s wide body air freighters, payloads up to 225 tons (205 tonnes), 7 to 10 times faster than shipping by truck or cargo vessel, and 100% carbon-free.

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H2 Clipper’s Pipeline in the Sky ensures access to affordable, reliable and readily-scalable supplies of 99.999% pure hydrogen in market areas where this is most needed.


H2 Clipper airships also provide a sustainable infrastructure for industry.  They use green hydrogen for propulsion and lift to create a 100% carbon-free way to transport cargo and freight directly from factories to distribution centers, using vertical takeoff and landing to avoid crowded ports and airports


The locations where green hydrogen can be made most cheaply are thousands of miles from the cities and communities where clean energy is most needed as a fuel for 100% carbon-free hydrogen fuel cell electric cars, trucks, buses, trains and airplanes. H2 Clipper will make it possible for these cities to meet and exceed the United Nation’s clean mobility goals.



H2 Clipper has used Dassault Systèmes' CATIA applications since 2018 to develop a significant body of design and intellectual property assets.  Based on its admission into the Accelerator Program, H2 Clipper will be able to dramatically expand its team’s use of other software capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform for work involving aeronautical, mechanical, composites, fluids, and electrical design and engineering.

H2 Clipper plans to use the Platform’s project management, design, modeling, and simulation apps to optimize every aspect of the airship’s design, engineering, manufacturing, regulatory compliance, and marketing processes in anticipation of completing detailed design and construction of a 40% prototype that it targets to fly in 2025, with the goal of flying its first full-sized airship in 2029.



Being part of the Accelerator program provides H2 Clipper with access to the powerful 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, as well as Dassault Systèmes' mentors, and Dassault’s worldwide network of industrial partners and clients.

H2 Clipper plans to use the collaborative management and engineering tools available through the Cloud-based Platform to develop a fully-integrated process encompassing product design, manufacturing, certification, delivery and oversight. 

H2 Clipper also plans to use access to top level contacts across industry and cultures to forge long-term, mutually-advantageous collaborations with leading organizations who share the vision of a world operating on clean, sustainable, and disruptively-efficient renewable energy.


A purpose-driven team focused on making positive contributions to the evolution of planetary-wide systems and technologies to heal the biosphere and ensure that humanity thrives.

  • Peter Georgescu
    Peter Georgescu
    Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Rinaldo Brutoco
    Rinaldo Brutoco
    Founder, President and CEO
  • Marie  Case
    Marie Case
    Vice Chair, CPO & EVP Admin
  • Angel Gurria
    Angel Gurria
    Director, Global Strategic Advisor
  • Robert Shelton
    Robert Shelton
    VP, Intellectual Property
  • Matt Knapp
    Matt Knapp
    Chief Engineer

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