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Universal and Inclusive Mobility

IF WE have an innovative mobility solution designed for all, can we get rid of wheelchair stigma?

According to the World Health Organization, 75 million of people need a wheelchairs in the world. But the common wheelchair is an obsolete technology. Many situations, both professional and personal, call for an adapted system:         
• People with reduced mobility whose condition requires specific measures and dedicated adaptations (for example, for access or housing)
• people who must stand for long periods of time can develop problems with knees or back; and otherwise healthy people may temporarily need help, for example to climb stairs

All these situations restrain social integration (including able-bodied people not knowing how to react to those with limited mobility), can generate professional disabilities, grade everyday life and do not have adequate solutions.

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Gyropodic and robotic technologies combined to create an innovative solution for universal and inclusive mobility

The Gyrolift is a pioneering mobility solution based on the combinaison of gyropod (a personal transportation device consisting of a platform with wheels) and a robotic, verticalizing and stabilized modular seating system.

For many years, there have been wheelchair-type solutions - electric or not, with or without verticalization, products of major players implanted. But these solutions are often stigmatizing and impose heavy amenity requirements (adapted workstations, widening of doors and so forth).

Gyrolift is an universal technology that adapts to a majority of gyropods. The gyropod and the robotic module combined make it an inclusive electric mobility device for any user (whether with reduced mobility or not) to move in sitting as well as standing positions. It provides a compact maneuverable and totally secure solution, with automatic stabilization, innovative security system and intuitive control to increase user comfort during his travels.

Our solution is compact and maneuverable device, and the only one allowing a person, with reduced mobility or not, to move as well sitting as standing. Vertical positioning is based on a morphologically adapted trajectory without disturbing the gyropod device. The small size allows maintaining almost standard working conditions, with limited special amenities needed.



Gyrolift ensures healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Their goal is to enhance the autonomy and employability of people with reduced mobility (PMR), and also to reduce the hardship for certain jobs or situations that require temporary assistant.



Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform allows Gyrolift to grow up faster and imagine new possibilities by mentoring the team on CATIA Modeling, Systems Engineering, DYMOLA Systems Engineering and SIMULIA Structural Analysis to finish our product and imagine new features.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform also helps us enhance Artificial Intelligence of the device, to collect and analyze of data from the environment to develop smart mobility features.



Our Gyrolift, mobile application and integrated sensors will collect data on the urban environment to assess accessibility. This data, collected by all Gyrolift users, will be shared to create accessibility maps in order to make it easier for people with reduced mobility to move around cities and to help identify needed accessibility work.

Gyrolift sensors and algorithms will also be used to anticipate security maneuvers in case of imminent danger to the users.



Relieving social pressure for handicapped people and improving autonomy for everyone

  • Lambert Trénoras
    Lambert Trénoras
    Co-founder & CEO
  • Maxime Giraux
    Maxime Giraux
  • Thamila Fali
    Thamila Fali
    Real-time Engineer
  • Tafsut Tagnithammou
    Tafsut Tagnithammou
    Robotic engineer & PhD student
  • Antoine Ferszterowski
    Antoine Ferszterowski
    Real Time Engineer

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