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Sustainable tech solutions for waterfront areas

IF WE reduce more efficiently the inflow of plastic waste into the open sea, can we preserve oceans?

United Nations has described marine pollution as the fastest-growing environmental problem in the world. An estimated between 4,8 and 12,7 million tons of plastic waste currently enters the ocean every year, the equivalent of a truckload every minute throughout the year. When the plastic waste reaches the seas, up to 94 percent (WWF, 2018) will sink to the seabed and over a longer period of time break down to micro-plastic particles. It is therefore essential to take measures to prevent the inflow of plastic waste before it reaches the open oceans.


Sustainable tech solutions for waterfront areas


Clean Sea Solutions was founded on the idea of developing commercially and environmentally sustainable tech solutions for waterfront areas to prevent and reduce the inflow of marine plastic waste into the oceans and thereby contributing to the sustainability of the world's oceans.

Clean Sea Solutions 1 > Dassault Systèmes

Their area of focus is to develop systems to clean up the plastic waste close to shore in a limited area with large quantities of marine plastic, utilizing recourses for maximum impact. 

In collaboration with established industrial partners within the Norwegian oil and gas industry, autonomy, and maritime industries, they are developing innovative stationery and autonomous solutions designed to collect plastic waste in and below the water surface in lakes, water canals, rivers and river mouths, harbors, marinas, and other waterfront areas.

Clean Sea Solutions 2 > Dassault Systèmes

The Cleaning Drone V1 (CDV1) is a fully electric, unmanned surface vehicle (USV), designed to remove marine plastic waste in and just below water surfaces in ports, canals, estuaries, and other marine and aquatic environments. CDV1 is designed with a unique system for self-emptying in a self-designed stationary waste pool and controlled via a graphical user interface, Vehicle Control Station (VCS), or via mobile app.

CDV1 can also be equipped with sensors for mapping the seabed and the environment. The first version of the Cleaning Drone will be delivered to their pilot customer Port of Oslo by the first quarter of 2021.  



Clean Sea Solutions´ technologies reduce plastic pollution, contributing to the sustainability of the ocean. Their products improve the quality and sustainability of water resources by addressing the impact of plastic waste inflow.

Clean Water Zones in urban waterfront areas make cities more resilient and sustainable, advancing UN Sustainable Development goals 14, 6, and 11.

SDG 14, 11, 6 > Dassault Systèmes


From the beginning to the future, 3D applications have been used in all aspects of the product development process of their autonomous solutions. This has contributed to a seamless, integrated workflow in sustainable design, control, communication, and data processing. Internally and in collaboration with subcontractors and partners, we are going to leverage the platform to facilitate our engineering development.

3DEXPERIENCE platform is needed for all parts of the process, from communication to production. Modeling and simulation are essential in the ongoing development phase of prototypes, and in the further development of concepts and solutions. Included in the process of defining design, choice of sustainable materials, calculations of performance and endurance, etc.

THE 3DEXPERIENCE platform will benefit not only the team, but the entire ecosystem of partners, customers, and other stakeholders.




Clean Sea Solutions' team, have relevant experience from business development and entrepreneurship, as well as from the waste management industry, tech companies, and real estate development. Together they have a truly unique global network in a wide range of businesses

Clean Sea Solution benefit greatly from the solid engineering expertise found in their industrial partners to bring ideas to finished prototypes and industrial products. At the same time, they are in the process of strengthening their own in-house technical competence by hiring a full-time CTO and design engineer.



Clean Sea Solution have a dynamic and flexible team sharing a deep passion for the oceans, the environment, and building sustainable values.

  • Per  Elvestuen
    Per Elvestuen
    Founder & CEO
  • Catharina  H. Frostad
    Catharina H. Frostad
    Founder & CSO
  • Matthias van Middendorp
    Matthias van Middendorp
    partner & CTO
  • Ragnar Eggen
    Ragnar Eggen
    Associated Working Chairperson & CFO

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