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Small-scaled recycling plant

IF WE recycle waste on site, can we turn it into resources?

The world is pivoting away from fossil fuels and is increasingly aware of the amount of waste generated and, sadly, not yet feasibly recycled. Mixed waste streams are burned or landfilled. In some parts in SEA, waste is still burned in open fires. AES wants to be a part of the solution. 

Plastic and mixed wastes are mostly landfilled or burned. Only about 30 % of plastics inside the EU are truly recycled. The old concept of collecting waste and processing it centrally seems outdated. With developing countries catching up to the plastic production of first world countries and the need for improved recycling, new strategies have to be generated.


Small-scaled recycling plant


The AES FLUKS is the first plant generation of new waste processing systems. At temperatures of 500-550°C, the organic structures get decomposed into gas, oil and ashes. The oil will be used for heat and electricity generation, while the gases are burned for the energy consumption of the plant.


AES 1 > Dassault Systèmes

While the first plant series will be burning the oil for electricity and heat, our overall goal is to form an infrastructure for oil recycling. That is being accomplished by recovering the produced oil instead of burning it. Once the change from electricity generation to oil recovery becomes feasible for our customers, we can dismantle the generator, acquire the oil and get to an improved circular economy. AES machine

The AES FLUKS is made for very small waste stream quantities (100-350 kg/day), will be fully automated and controlled via the internet. While the waste is processed directly when it is put into the AES FLUKS, the oil can be stored and saved. Through the usage of local heat and electricity, the AES FLUKS reaches levels of efficiency far higher than normal waste processing systems.

The AES FLUKS comes in three different sizes - small, medium and large - catering for waste streams between 100-350kg/day. Starting at a price of 119.000 €, the AES FLUKS will be payed of with the savings in 3-6 years, depending on the customers waste stream. 

A retirement home for example saves up to 50 % of the waste disposal costs, 15 % of electricity and 10 % of heating costs. 

AES 4 > Dassault Systèmes


They want to address these challenges by a new waste processing design that recycles the waste, where it is produced.

SDG 9 et 13 > Dassault Systèmes



AES is currently working with Project Planning, Part Design, Electrical Systems Design, and Fluid Simulations.

The benefits to use the platform are manifold. The easy collaboration, the simple assignment of roles and apps to team members and the marketplace with many standard parts makes the 3DEXPERIENCE platform a very powerful tool for them.


Through their shared private and professional experiences, they harmonize very well as a team and find a sophisticated and suitable solution even in stressful situations.

They have set themselves the goal of finding solutions to current issues in waste disposal and energy supply.

In doing so, they rely on innovative methods that correspond to the latest state of the art in the fields of process engineering, electrical engineering and control engineering.



  • Marco Karber
    Marco Karber
  • Jonas Bonus
    Jonas Bonus
  • Andres  Sheldrick
    Andres Sheldrick
  • Lennart  Jacobsen
    Lennart Jacobsen
    Strategic Orientation
  • Ulrich  Schulte
    Ulrich Schulte
    Business Angel
  • Jonas Dicke
    Jonas Dicke
    IT and Steering
  • Christa  Karber
    Christa Karber
    Back Office
  • Cedrik Hohenschue
    Cedrik Hohenschue
    Bachelor Student

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