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Immersive Virtual Ideas Sharing

New Virtual Reality headsets bring opportunities in the upstream innovation process


Behind all successful products lie brilliant ideas. But in today's age of experience, those brilliant ideas are no longer exclusive to domain experts. The users of those future experiences, any inhabitant of our planet, can imagine sustainable innovations. The actual challenge is to find the appropriate mean to empower anyone with creative solutions. Here is an answer combining technology and methodology, based on a VR 3D sketching experience.

Bluenove, a leader in Open Innovation consulting and Collective Intelligence meets Dassault Systèmes' concept experience "3D Dream Sketcher"

Bluenove, created in Paris in 2008, is a leader in Open Innovation consulting and Collective Intelligence technologies. Bluenove's clients are private and public organizations such as Airbus Group, Orange, Société Générale, Michelin, Pernod Ricard, the City of Paris, OECD, etc. The company supports projects to develop a more innovative culture within organizations through collaboration and openness. They involve all of the stakeholders of an enterprise such as employees, customers, suppliers, startups, universities, ...

The 3D Dream Sketcher is an original Dassault Systèmes' experience created with two main objectives, Communication and Innovation:

  • Increase online traffic and booth attendance at an event (such as CES 2016), leveraging VR as a crowd-pleaser helping brands to engage with captivated audiences
  • Crowdsource the value of an immersive ideation design tool targeting the general public as well as professional creative designers

Once registrated, users are asked to imagine a role and sketch it into the air. At the beginning of the experience, users are scanned by a pair of kinects so as to create an engaging starting point: their body!
The user sketches for 3.5 minutes while looking through an HTC Vive VR headset and using the two hand-held controllers, as the public watches the scene through an external screen.

A 360° bullet-time animated gif is generated and uploaded onto the cloud, and an email containing a link to the gif is sent to the user.
The user can then give it a title, opt to make it public and share it through mail or on most social media. (all details may be found here:

Meet the team

  • Martin  Duval
    Martin Duval
    President et COO – Paris
  • Chloé Peccatte
    Chloé Peccatte
    Consultant senior – Paris
  • Pathum Bila-Deroussy
    Pathum Bila-Deroussy
    Chief Design Officer – Paris
  • David Nahon
    David Nahon
    Immersive Virtuality 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Director
  • Vincent Merlino
    Vincent Merlino
    High-Tech Industry Solution Experience Manager for Social Innovation


As soon as Bluenove saw the content created by the audience during the CES 2016 event (please refer to the dedicated gallery pages), it became obvious that such immersive sketching experience could serve as a corner stone to build a new generation of creative solutions enabling anyone to take part of the upstream innovation process.
This 3DEXPERIENCE Lab project aims at validating this idea by defining the requirements in terms of software, platform and hardware solutions, as well as the appropriate best practices to market the solution.


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