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The Center for Bits and Atoms

FabLab Partner

MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA) was established in 2001 as part of Media Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is an ambitious interdisciplinary initiative that is looking beyond the end of the Digital Revolution to ask how a functional description of a system can be embodied in, and abstracted from, a physical form. CBA provided key technical support towards setting up of the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Boston.

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FabLab Partner

Fab Foundation emerged from MIT’s Center for Bits & Atoms Fab Lab Program with the objective of facilitating and supporting the growth of the international fab lab network as well as the development of regional capacity-building organizations. The. Their mission is to provide access to the tools, the knowledge and the financial means to educate, innovate and invent using technology and digital fabrication to allow anyone to make (almost) anything, and thereby creating opportunities to improve lives and livelihoods around the world. The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Boston is connected to a global network of over 1000 active Fab Labs through this partnership with Fab Foundation.

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Accelerator & Incubator Partner

Ecole Polytechnique is a leading French engineering school which is competitive on a national and international scale. Alongside education and research, l’X has erected entrepreneurship as the third pillar of its strategy. To this end, it has launched an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, whose strategic goals include, among others, the development of an entrepreneurial culture within the school and of advanced tools to support entrepreneurs in innovative and technology-based entrepreneurial projects. It includes an early-stage startup accelerator, X-UP, offering an intensive 6-month program and an incubator, X-Tech. The startups are benefiting from the committed support of the entire Ecole Polytechnique ecosystem and networks

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Accelerator & Incubator Partner

Creative Valley has a unique ecosystem to hosts and supports a wide range of innovative entrepreneurial projects from students to top-tier companies working as an open innovation network.

To this end, it has launched the SDK and SDK premium programs to support the selected young international startups to design and develop their solution from idea to pre-production product. Each project has access to world-class tools including the 3DExperience platform, a dedicated manufacturing facilities, the Creative’Lab and support from high-tech experts. Creative Valley is partnering with more than 20 schools and universities including Epitech and Ecole 42.



Entrepreneurial Partner

Ten experts in electronics, mechanics, industrialization or CAD / CAM are available daily on-line or in our HQ to solve the problems of our members. Our experiences, our methodology and our networks allow us to create or progressively centralize a set of content allowing our members to develop their projects more quickly. Our members benefit from privileged access to various infrastructures in Europe and Asia as well as our 1500m2 European headquarters equipped with prototyping workshops and 3D design and software spaces (Solidworks / Dassault Systèmes) dedicated to our testing and rapid prototyping.

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Technology Partner

Wacom serves the passion of creative professionals around the world. Our products and services help industry leaders explore new horizon and set new standards in film and 3D animation, industry design, digital art, game development and a broad range of human communication and expression. Wacom is committed to provide the world's most creative talents with most advanced digital tools for expression and productivity and to support the next generation of creative experts.

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