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Stratospheric Balloon


The satellite market is disrupted thanks to the miniaturization of technology and very small satellites that aim to provide data for earth observation, surveillance, telecommunications, smart cities, connectivity, meteorology, emergency responses, ...These satellites re usually in the range of 10-250kg and need a precise orbit to bet disposed in constellation.

How can we proceed considering that the current launchers available (like Ariane 5 or Falcon 9) are not dimensioned nor optimized to serve this new market?

Bloostar, small statellite launcher


To lower the price of launching satellites to Space and respond to this new market of small satellites, the idea is to split the ascent to Space in two: The first is to go through the dense parts of the atmosphere, the second is to gain speed in a near-vacuum environment. After flying to 20 km of altitude thanks to a balloon, Bloostar can gain velocity and reach orbit with less constraint than a standard rocket.

Zero 2 Infinity is building Bloostar, a low cost, environmentally friendly and service oriented launcher for small satellites. Assisted by a stratospheric balloon, Bloostar slowly elevates to the stratosphere and is then ignited in a quasi-vacuum environment. It needs less infrastructure, simpler engines and generates less stress on the satellite than traditional launcher. It’s highly performing and geared to enable the flourishing New Space market.

It is NOT just a rocket brought at a higher altitude. It is the first launcher fully designed to take advantage from a stratospheric (=quasi-vacuum) ignition.

The main added values of this solution are the following:

  • Green: Bloostar’s fuel consumption is reduced and creates less pollution than traditional rockets. Its emissions are mainly water and a bit of CO2
  • Less expensive: The complexity of developing a rocket is drastically reduced by replacing the first stage of a conventional launcher by a balloon. In engineering and hardware. Furthermore, 3D printed parts, advanced materials and reusability are at the core of the launcher elements 
  • Design freedom: Bloostar can accommodate a bulkier volume than other ground launched rockets because there is no significant aerodynamic constraint or heavy vibrations in the stratosphere. Bloostar is inherently more reliable and offers a smoother ride for satellites than any competitor



Zero 2 Infinity is being involved in the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab program to adopt the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the Cloud. For Design, Simulation and Systems solutions through SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, SIMULIA and others to improve Bloostar’s design, run accurate simulations, generate performance tests, and optimize Z2I electronics solutions. Moreover, the use of Generative Shape Design will support one of our main challenge: mass optimization.

Bloostar has an intrinsic simpler design than an existing launch. Its development challenges therefore lie in keeping this advantage and optimize its elaboration from system level. 





Bloostar design fits within a large eco-system of partners, suppliers and innovators that benefits from bringing their equipment and technology to Space. The Zero 2 Infinity team is working with suppliers across the globe from Space and non-Space industries. Adopting a spiral development strategy and paving a new way to approach Space transportation are parts of Z2I’s vision.

Collaborative Innovation

Meet the team

Apply innovative solutions and engineering across the project. During the design, the preparation and the execution of the flight campaign.

  • José Mariano Lopez-Urdiale
    José Mariano Lopez-Urdiale
    Founder & CEO
  • Dimitris Bountolos
    Dimitris Bountolos
    COO & Board Member
  • Guillaume Girard
    Guillaume Girard
    Partner & CCO
  • Tim Muehlenbach
    Tim Muehlenbach
  • José Luis García Bravo
    José Luis García Bravo
    Senior Campaign Manager and Lead Engineer
  • Daniel Romero Cortadellas
    Daniel Romero Cortadellas
    Aerospace Engineer and Product Developer
  • David Lázaro Jiménez Higueras
    David Lázaro Jiménez Higueras
    Product Engineer & Design
  • Robert Falcó Genís
    Robert Falcó Genís
    Electronics Manager
  • Izan Peris Martí
    Izan Peris Martí
    Aerospace Engineer and Business Developer
  • Marta Lebrón Gaset
    Marta Lebrón Gaset
    Communications Manager
  • Iris Silverio Pons
    Iris Silverio Pons
    Business and Financial Officer
  • Ibtissem Zekraoui
    Ibtissem Zekraoui
    Administrative Assistant

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