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Rennes Metropolis


Cities have grown at such a scale that imagining the infrastructure and governance required to serve the citizens better has become extremely complex.
Rennes city has always given proof of innovation in this field and has developed a 3D digital model for the complete city in partnership with Dassault Systèmes. This model allows planning for the future and imagining future services in order to respond better to the environmental and societal challenges that it faces.

Improving the future of our cities

The 3DEXPERIENCity Lab at Dassault Systèmes recently conducted research on the mapping of analysis, design and simulation of cities, based on a dynamic data model and multi-dimensional visualizations. A partnership with the city of Rennes was established in order to test the approach in the field and to carry out critical experiments. 

In direct feedback with the City Council, businesses and citizens, 3D universes - ranging from visualization, authoring, simulation and operation environments - were tested and evaluated with a focus on the needs of the respective user groups facilitating their comprehension of the present, visions for the future and decision making processes. Besides the federation of data, the 3DEXPERIENCity provides a forum for the community (elected members, inhabitants, agents and partner development companies, etc.) giving insight into and supporting the decision-making processes in the city and their mediation with urban dwellers.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform by Dassault Systèmes is a collaborative environment, enabling new professional uses that allow various public players (districts, development companies, contract-holders, corporate lessors, etc.) and private third parties (networking companies, promoters, architects, service providers, etc.) to collaborate on the design of innovative projects, products and services based on and powered by the unique digital referential of the 3DEXPERIENCity. These interventions and innovative uses of the city may concern the life and lifestyle of all citizens – however, an initial focus was given to all fields of town planning and city management: mobility (multi-modal transportation), energy (heat blocks, renewable energy) and environment (noise, pollution). 


For the 3DEXPERIENCity Lab, Rennes, a mid-sized city in France, was a clear choice given its size, the structure of the governance, maturity in the use of 3D digital models and most importantly, the flexibility and openness to engage with all city departments in the lab experiments in the search for a more sustainable city and city life. The project has benefited from the rich local ecosystem of information technology providers and researchers (companies, clusters, academics) working with great enthusiasm and a startup spirit.

Communication was key to the partnership in order to validate the joint approach: an approach that was extremely innovative and had a disruptive quality. The partnership between the City and Dassault Systèmes, an industrial player in the field of urban digitalization, yielded a dynamic digital model of the city of Rennes, the first of its kind in France. 

Now, 3DEXPERIENCity has graduated from a mere Lab to a project that offers geo-located and in real time cross-industry experiences. 3DEXPERIENCity is offering not only visualization, design, simulation, business operation environments, but also a marketplace that serves both the city and its citizens. The 3DEXPERIENCity Lab continues with its cutting edge research – working to test out ideas and their impact with the ultimate goal of improving the future of our cities.

Meet the team

The Rennes Metropolis experiments are led by a team of 3 people from the 3DEXPERIENCity Lab:

- A project leader for coordination and communication
- An urban design expert to understand the city needs and solve technical issues
- A consultant mastering the ecosystem of the metropolis and its satellites

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