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Sustainable, hygienic, and accessible menstrual waste disposal solution

IF WE embrace circular economy to dispose of sanitary napkins, can we empower women while reducing impact on the planet?

Out of the 355 million menstruating women in India, 52.8% change their absorbents in overused and unhygienic public toilets where they deal with disgust and are exposed to heightened risk of UTIs. Moreover, the sanitary waste generated by each woman either ends up in landfills, where it takes 500 years to decompose, or in incinerators where it releases carcinogens like dioxins and furans


A centralized processing unit


PadCare Labs has developed an automated hygiene management system that generates harmless, recyclable output out of used sanitary napkins. Through a multi-step chemo-mechanical process, it breaks down absorbent sanitary waste into two by-products - cellulose and plastic. This output can be recycled for different applications including packaging material, plastic bricks & RDF pellets. 

Their breakthrough product, PadCare Central Processing Unit can process upto 3000 pads in a day via a novel patent-pending 5D technology. The 5Ds are - Disinfection, Deodorization, Decolorization, Disintegration & Deactivation of SAP.

System Padcare

The disinfection, deodorization, and decolorization processes are carried out via an organic consumable called PadCare CytoSlay, which provides up to 6 log (>99.99%) bacterial reduction and is tested as per the WHO standard. ​

Padcare Labs Bin > Dassault Systèmes

Their at-source disposal appliance PadCare Bins are secured, sensor-based collection units for at source collection, which provide 100% bacterial lock & deodorization. The PadCare Bin’s includes our patent-pending PadCare Vap which provides bacterial lock & deodorization. The collection bin can be stored up to 30 pads for 3-4 weeks without any odor and bacterial growth. PadCare bin's are connected with a centralized system.



PadCare has been able to create a significant impact on the society and environment. We’re instilling the values of personal hygiene, climate care and female privacy in different institutional organisations and fostering a generation of more socially and environmentally conscious people. Our solution enables organisations to align with five Sustainable Development Goals laid by the United Nations. We’ve recycled more than 9500 pads from 4000 women beneficiaries and reduced 5000 kgs of CO2 emissions.


SDG 3 and 6 > Dassault Systèmes

SDG 5: PadCare’s privacy-sensitive and circumspect technology contributes to the Goal by enabling women to be more in charge of activities of their own bodies. PadCare also aims to dismantle the binary social construct between men and women by tearing down the taboo against menstruation.

SDG 11: Sustainability and futuristic development is at the core of PadCare’s vision. PadCare strive to enable and enhance inclusive urbanization for generations to come by safeguarding our air, water and land resources from the plight of contamination and infertility.



Association with the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab will not only bring the technical expertise but also bring the overall ecosystem that can help us to build a world-class impactful product.



All of us come from varied professional and educational backgrounds and we strive everyday to learn something new from each other. It’s a collaborative and mutually challenging environment with people from the fields of engineering, biological sciences, economics, as well as design and communication. We work with a shared vision and five key values - progressive, perceptive, pragmatic, persistence and passionate.



We’re a small family of curious, ambitious, and dedicated young achievers pushing our boundaries every day to inspire a new generation of sustainable sanitation technology.


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