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D.A.R.S Autonomous Flying Platform

Never call me drone again!


The D.A.R.S was developed by the UAVSi startup. It is an innovative, unique product that combines.The added-value of airship-inspired technology combined with the use of helium, a neutral gas that is lighter than air and safe for people and goods. The latest developments in the field of solar energy (cells and sensors to power an electric propulsion system). The results of advanced studies on fluidity and aerodynamics, which have been patented (flat bottom). This provides greater stability and maneuverability during take-off and landing sequences and – combined with the fluidity of its shape – it offers resistance to wind gusts (<40 miles/hour).




The market for professional civilian drones must be considered with new eyes.

Thanks to these technological options and related specific qualities, the D.A.R.S clearly differentiates from other products on the market:

Support and autonomy: The D.A.R.S  is self-sufficient for up to 48 hours. It can stay in the air up to 2 weeks, thanks to helium and solar collectors that power electric motors and do not require refueling.

Payload: The D.A.R.S can carry 1 to 330 pounds of equipment according to the needs of the missions requested. UAVSi will offer a modular range of products to meet the different expectations of the market.


All weather availability: The D.A.R.S is reliable. It can withstand wind gusts up to 40 miles/hour and offers a 90% availability.

Safety: The innovative design of the DARS and its reliability in harsh climatic conditions enable missions including real-time reporting while not requiring human assistance. Thanks to the helium contained in its envelope, the D.A.R.S has no risk of falling on crowds. As such, it is perfectly appropriate for urban overflights, which do represent an important market to reach.

Considering the performance and unique differentiators of the D.A.R.S, the market of surveillance / safety (private and public), a major market in which the drone will bring significant performances.

The use of Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform will give UAVSi the opportunity to develop a family of D.A.R.S that are tailored to different needs of the market. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform will also enable virtual experiments while implementing new services that may require a fleet of D.A.R.S operated in a collaborative mode on the same mission.

DARS platform

The market for civilian drones represents a huge potential: Innovative applications could be developed in many sectors (such as industrial inspection, aerial photography, agriculture, safety and security of infrastructures or people, etc.), making it possible to create tens of thousands of jobs in Europe (from 150 to 200,000 jobs over the next 20 years, according to the European Commission's forecasts).

However, this B2B market for civilian drones is slow to materialize. There are two main reasons for this:

  • Security issues and binding legislation in terms of access to airspace (visual flight, ban on overflight of inhabited places, etc.)
  • The performance of current insufficient products vs. expectations of companies / organizations for professional missions (in particular in terms of autonomy, embedded load, reliability and availability vs. weather conditions).

UAVSi has developed the D.A.R.S to meet those unsatisfied expectations, keeping a clear and ambitious goal in mind inproviding a powerful, reliable and comprehensive solution to business users in terms of:

  • Flight autonomy , to ensure missions with longer duration.
  • Payload, to use complex instruments and to ensure the gathering of data, processing and restitution.
  • Weather-agnostic availability  while the vast majority of current media does not allow it.
  • Modularity to match and adapt to the related requirements of specific missions (size, performance, equipment, data management…)

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  • Eric Lopez
    Eric Lopez

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